Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drug Dealers of Smyrna Tn

Rob Pearcy
Carol Pearcy
137 Rebel rd Smyrna Tn 37167

Have taught people how to get their children and grand children high at the very early ages, so they will have somebody to sell too, later in life.

Their child never had a chance to be anything but a drug addict. They should be proud of this.

The Pearcy were Murfreesboro, Tennessee's largest drug bust when they lived on Cason lane.

Used their drug money to buy 137 Rebel road Smyrna Tenn. property

Carol Pearcy has been arrested two times for drugs, incarcerated at the Swain center in Smyrna Tennessee.

Carol Pearcy, got onto Rob Pearcy when he told her that he had bought and sold drugs, at Hunters lane high school, in north Nashville Tennessee.

Was thrown out of a house hold for bringing in Herion too sell!